Precision Tube and Shaped Tube


Special Shapes Tubes, Close Tolerence

round rectangular flat oval oval hexagon octagon semicircle triangle

Standard shapes, can be produced on existing tooling: typically round, square, hexagonal, flat-oval
Special sections, require special tooling: typically elliptical, octagonal, semicircular,triangular


Relating to dimensions  
tube dimentions
Diameter or equivalent D
± 0,005 mm to ± 0,10 mm depending on dimension and shape.
Mechanical properties, dependent on the type of material and on the metallurgical condition

Tensile strength
± 20 to ± 30 N/mm2

Yield strength
± 30 to ± 50 N/mm2

Elongation guaranteed
minimum value according to specification

Hardness (Vickers micro-hardness)
± 10 to 20

Tube dimensions Mean wall thickness e
± 0,005 to ± 0,05 mm depending on dimension and shape

tube dimensions Wall thickness deviation
to 10 % of nominal wall thickness
tube dimensions Ovality
DM-Dm = 0,01 to 2 mm depending on diameter, wall thickness and metallurgical condition.
tube dimensions Length
± 0,05 mm to ± 5 mm depending on length.

Grain size
G = 0,010 to 0,050 mm or ASTM No 9 to 6

Production availability: Straight tubes, Long or short length, Tubes in coils or on spools
Surface finish: Roughness, Ra from 0,3 to 1mmDimensions
Outside diameter: from 0,2 mm to 40 mm
Wall thickness: from 0,05 to 2,50 mm
Random straight length: up to 6,5 m
Exact length: up to 6 m
In coils: up to 1000 m depending on specification

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Material ISO Nominal
British American German French Other Typical Properties Typical Applications
P 0.013-0.050
C106 Cu-DHP
  Pure copper deoxidized, high phosphorus. 
Solder filled dial feet, rivets, thermometer bulbs, spark-erosion electrodes, cooling devices

Cu-OF Cu>=99.95   Cu-OF
Cu-C1   Pure, Deoxidized copper, no embrittlement due to reducing gas. Electrical Connectors, Electric cables, Medical applications.
Yellow Brass 63%




CuZn36   Alloy for cold and hot working Radio aerials, musical instruments, lighter bodies, fountain pen bodies, Bourdon springs.
Medium Leaded Brass CuZn38Pb2 Cu61   C35300 CuZn38Pb1.5 CuZn38Pb2   Alloy with 2 phases (alpha+beta) and super-fine lead distribution, for easy machining or stamping. Tubular free- cut pieces, musical instruments.
Red Brass 85% CuZn15 Cu85 Zn15   C23000 CuZn15
CuZn15   Gold coloured alloy resistant to zinc loss and to stress corrosion. Solder filled dial feet, musical instruments, fountain pen bodies.
Low Brass 80% CuZn20
Cu80 Zn20   C24000 CuZn20 2.0250 CuZn20   The same properties. More easily cold workable Bellows, musical instruments, solder filled dial feet, flexible wave guides, luxury products
Phosphor Bronze 6% CuSn6 Cu94 Sn6 P0.2   C51900 CuSn6 2.1020 CuSn6P   Good wear and corrosion resistance properties Bourdon springs, bellows
Phosphor Bronze 8% CuSn8 Cu91.5 Sn8.5 P0.2   C52100 CuSn8 2.1030 CuSn9P   Excellent wear and corrosion resistance properties, good bending fatigue strength Bourdon springs, bellows, electronic probes, flexible waveguides
Beryllium Copper CuBe2 Cu98 Be2 Co0.25   C17200 2.1247     Precipitation hardening alloy extremely resistant to relaxation, fatigue, abrasion and corrosion Bourdon springs for precision pressure gauges, flexible waveguides, tubes for connector plugs and thermic probes, radio aerials
Nickel Silver 12% CuNi2Zn24 Cu63 Ni12 Zn24   C75700 CuNi2Zn24 CuNi2Zn24   Excellent properties for cold working, resists to tarnishing Watch spring bars, endoscopes, musical instruments
Nickel Silver 18% CuNi18Zn20 Cu61 Ni18 Zn21   C76400 CuNi18Zn20
    Less easily cold workable but advantageous for manufacture of springs, high corrosion resistance.
Bourdon springs, watch springs, solid profiles for watch bracelets, musical instruments, spectacle parts.
Aluminium A199.5
A1>=99.5   AA1050A

  High corrosion resistance, thermal and electrical conductivity, easy to work, good weldability, but low mechanical strength.
Fountain pen bodies, casings for electrochemical elements, wire clamps, cryogenic applications.

AlMgSi1 A1>=99.5/
Al97.5 Mg0.6-1.0 Si0.7-1.3 Mn0.10-0.40
  AA6081 AlMgSi1 
6082   Hardenable alloy with good corrosion resistance, easy to work, perfectly suitable for polishing, high mechanical strength, suitable for decorative anodising. Pointers for measuring instruments.
Material AISI Nominal
British American
German French Other Typical Properties Typical Applications
Austenitic stainless steels AISI 304 Fe72 Ni8.5-10 Cr17-20 C<=0.07   AISI304
UNS S30400
XR CrNi18.1
Z6 CN18.9   Regular grades of austenitic stainless steel, easy to coldwork and good corrosion resistance, creep resistant up to 700ºC
Medical instruments, bellows, endoscopes.
AISI 304L Fe71 Ni8-12 Cr18-20 C<=0.03   AISI304L
UNS S30403
X2 CrNi19.11
Z2CN18.10   Compared with the above grade, this low-carbon grade offers improved corrosion resistance.
AISI 316L FE68 Ni11-14 Cr16.5-18.5 Mo2.5-3 C<=0.03   AISI316L
UNS S31603
1.4404 1.4435

Low grade carbon, excellent resistance to acid stress corrosion

Bourdon springs, bellows, electromechanical parts, thermometer bulbs, Food and Chemical industries, heat exchangers, wristbands for watches.
AISI 316L VM Fe65C>=0.030 Ni13-15 Cr17-19 Mo2.5-3.2 S>=0.010 P>=0.025   AISI 316L VM X2 CrNiMo18.15.3 1.4441     Vacuum melted austenitic stainless steel. No free ferrite phase and good micocleanliness.

Medical instruments, surgical implants, watch industries, automotive industries.
AISI 316Ti Fe68 C<=0.10 Ni10.5-13.5 Cr16.5-18.5 Mo2-2.5Ti5xC   AISI 316Ti UNS S31635 X2CrNiMoTi 17-12-2 1.4571 X6 CNDT17.12   Titanium -stabilised grade for improved stress corrosion resistance and reduced creep at high temperatures.

Bourdon springs, bellows.
AISI 321 Fe71 Ni9-11.5 Cr17-19 Ti5xC C<=0.10   AISI 321 UNS S32100 X6 CrNiTi18.10 1.4541 Z6 CNT18.10   Titanium -stabilised grade for improved stress corrosion resistance and reduced creep at high temperatures.
Bourdon springs, bellows, special cooling circuits.
AISI 347 Fe71 Ni9-12 Cr17-19 Nb10C-1 C0.06   AISI 347 UNS S34700 X6 CrNiNb18.10 1.4550 Z6 CN Nb18.10   Niobium- stabilised grade for better high temperature properties, mechanical strength, oxidation resistance.

Bourdon springs, bellow, aerospace heat exchangers.
Super austenitic stainless steel AISI 904L Fe51 Ni24-26 Cr19-21 Mo4.5 Cu1-2 N0.4-0.15 C<=0.02   AISI 904L UNS N08904 XI NiCrMoCuN25-20-5 1.4539 Z2 NCDU25.20
  Very good resistance to sea water corrosion and to sulfuric and phosphoric acids Tubes and profiles for chemical and watch industries.
Ferritic stainless steel AISI 446 Fe72 Cr26 C0.18 N0.25   AISI 446 UNS S 44600 X10CrAI24 X18CrN24 1.4762 1.4749 Z12 CAS25   Good resistance to oxidation at high temperature. Instrumentation used at high temperature or in specific corrosion media.
Iron-nickel-chromium alloy Ni-Span C-902 Fe49 Ni41-43.5 Cr4.9-5.75 Ti2.20-2.75 Al0.3-0.8   Ni-Span C-902 Ni-Span C-902 DURINVAL C   Structure-hardenable alloy with constant elasticity modulus from -45ºC to +65ºC. Good fatigue strength and low mechanical hysteresis. Bourdon springs with constant modulus of elasticity. Transducers.
Nickel Nickel 200 Ni99.5 C0.08   Nickel 200 UNS N02200 Ni99.2 2.4066 Ni-01   Good stress corrosion resistance, alkalis, chlorides, fluorides. Food and chemical industry. Heat exchangers.
Nickel Alloy Monel 400 Ni66.0 Cu31.5 Fe1.35   Monel 400 N04400

NiCu30Fe 2.436

  Excellent resistance to a variety of stress corrosion types.

Bellows, hoses, rivets, medical instruments.

Monel K500 Ni65 Cu29.5 Fe1.0 Al 2.8 Ti0.50   Monel K500 N05500 NiCu30AI 2.4375 NU30UT   Structure- hardenable alloy with excellent corrosion resistance and high mechanical stability to low temperatures. (-250ºC). Bourdon tubes.
Inconel 600 Ni72 Cr15.5 Fe8   Inconel 600 N06600 NiCu15Fe 2.4816 Z8 NC 75 15   Good corrosion and oxidation resistance up to 1175ºC. Cooling circuits for space industry.

Stainless Steel Tube

GRADES Type 304S, 304LS, 316S, 316LS, 321S, 347S, Alloy 600S, 
304 Welded Stainless Tube
SPECIFICATIONS ASME/ASTM A-249, A-269, A-270, A-307, A-268, SA/A-213, A-632, SB/B-163, B-167
LENGTHS MILL OFFERS LENGTHS UP TO 140ft depending upon specifications.
Standard cutting tolerance is + 1/8" - 0"
Coils available up to 140ft.
PRECISION CUT-OFF Tolerance capabilities to ± 0.005"
TESTING Eddy Current, Hydrostatic, Ultrasonic, Dye Penetrant, Corrosion Helium Leak
DIMENSIONAL From Standard specification to a total of 0.002" on O.D. and I.D.
I.D.: 12 RA or better O.D.: 32 RA or better

Aircraft Stainless Steel Tubing Specifications

Material Specification Number Temper
U.S. Govt. SAE
304 Seamless or Welded MIL-T-5695 1/4H   1/4 Hard
304 Seamless or Welded MIL-T-5695 1/2H   1/2 Hard
304 Seamless or Welded MIL-T-6845 AMS-5566 1/8 Hard
304 Seamless MIL-T-8504 AMS-5560 Annealed
304 Welded MIL-T-8504 AMS-5565 Annealed
304 Seamless MIL-T-8506   Annealed
304 Welded MIL-T-8506   Annealed
304L Seamless MIL-T-8606   Annealed
304L Welded MIL-T-8606   Annealed
304 Seamless   AMS-5639 Annealed
304 ELC Seamless   AMS-5647 Annealed
316 Seamless   AMS-5573 Annealed
316 Seamless   AMS-5648 Annealed
321 Seamless or Welded   AMS-5557 Annealed
321 Seamless MIL-T-8606 AMS-5570 Annealed
321 Welded MIL-T-8606 AMS-5576 Annealed
321 Seamless MIL-T-8808   Annealed
321 Welded MIL-T-8808   Annealed
321 Seamless   AMS-6545 Annealed
347 Seamless or Welded   AMS-5556 Annealed
347 Seamless MIL-T-8606 AMS-5571 Annealed
347 Welded MIL-T-8606 AMS-5575 Annealed
347 Seamless MIL-T-8808   Annealed
347 Welded MIL-T-8808   Annealed
347 Seamless   AMS-5646 Annealed
600 Nickel Alloy   AMS-5580 Annealed

Copper and Brass Size Range

T (Copper) diameter 0,15 à 12,00 mm
TL / TS (Brass / Copper) diameter 0,20 à 3,00 mm
MCT (Copper) diameter 0,30 à 12,00 mm
MCTL (Brass) diameter 1,00 à 3,00 mm

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