Mill Products - Aluminium Wire

Aluminium Alloy Wire
Non-Heat Treatable
Alloy Temper Finishes
1100 Wire 0, H14 # 4 Finish, Bright Finish
1350 Wire H12, H18 Bright Finish
5019 Wire H32  
5052 Wire H18, H32 #4 Finish, Anodizing Finish, Bright Finish
5056 Wire H14, H32 #4 Finish, Anodizing Finish, Bright Finish
5154A Wire H18, H36 #4 Finish, Anodizing Finish, Bright Finish
5356 Wire H32  
Heat Treatable
2011 Wire T3 #4 Finish, DOX Finish, MICRO Finish
2014A Wire H13, T4  
2017 Wire H13, T4 #4 Finish, DOX Finish, MICRO Finish
2024 Wire H13, T4 #4 Finish, DOX Finish, MICRO Finish
2117 Wire H15, T4 DOX Finish, MICRO Finish
6053 Wire H16, T6 DOX Finish, MICRO Finish
6056 Wire H13, T6 #4 Finish, DOX Finish, MICRO Finish
6061 Wire H13, T6 DOX Finish, MICRO Finish
6262 Wire T9  
7050 Wire H13 #4 Finish, DOX Finish, MICRO Finish
7075 Wire H12, T6 #4 Finish, DOX Finish, MICRO Finish
7178 Wire H13  

For all stock availability contact Sales. Most of the above alloys and tempers are available in the following diameter 0.0625" - 0.6875" (1.6mm - 17.5mm)

Standard Tolerances
0.0625" - 0.144" dia +0.001"/- 0.0005" ( 1.6mm - 3.7mm dia + 0.025mm/-0.013mm)
0.145" - 0.167" dia +/- 0.001" (3.7mm - 4.2mm dia +/- 0.025mm)
0.168" - 0.500" dia + 0.002"/- 0.001 (4.3mm - 12.7mm dia + 0.5mm/ -0.025)
0.501" - 0.6875" dia + 0.003"/-0.01" (12.7mm-17.5mm dia + 0.076/ 0.025mm)

Tighter than standard tolerances are also available.

Typical Finishes - Aluminium Cold Heading Wire
#4 Finish: A lustrous finish especially applicable for cold heading. This oxide free surface greatly improves tool life and uniformity in metal flow while heading. Product has enhanced, shiny appearance and will anodize well.

Anodizing Finish: This oxide free surface has specific applications in products that are color anodized or bright dipped as a final operation. Adds a luster to the anodized part. Improves corrosion resistance. Bright Finish: Clean, chrome-like finish comparable to stainless or chrome finish on steel; improves cosmetic appearance of aluminum wire.

DNR Finish: Specifically designed for those applications where surface imperfections must be minimized. Although technology is not present to provide a perfect surface, defects that are 1% of finished diameter are detected and removed with this process.

DOX Finish: A satiny white finish specifically used on heat treated cold heading wire and rod. This oxide free surface greatly improves uniformity in metal flow during heading, thus giving the added advantage needed when heading heat treated wire and rod.

MICRO Finish: A bright, lustrous finish applicable only to heat treated wire. This oxide free surface is particulary useful in escomatic wire or any application where close tolerances in diameter are required. Improved corrosion resistance is one of many advantages.

Type S Finish: Clean, dry finish specifically for applications in which lubrication cannot be on the wire. All in process lubrication is cleaned from wire.

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