Alloy Case Hardening Steel 5S15

Technical Data Sheet


Chemical Composition Limits
Weight% C Si Mn P+S max Cr Ni
5S15 0.10-0.15 0.10-0.35 0.35-0.60 P 0.025
S 0.020
0.30 max 2.75-3.25
Chemically similar British Specifications BS.970 Pt4
Weight% C Si Mn P+S max Cr Ni
0.10-0.15 0.10-0.35 0.35-0.60 0.050 max 0.30 max 2.75-3.50
Other Chemically similar Specifications
Weight% C Si Mn P+S max Cr Ni
MSRR 6004 - - - - - -
WS 1.5637 0.12 max 0.10-0.35 0.30-0.60 0.035 - 3.20-3.80

Typical Mechanical Properties


Grade Treatment Tensile Strength Rm (tonf/in²) Elongation in 5.65 √Cross Sectional Area % 120D Impact FT. lbs Ruling Section
S15 Hardened and Tempered 50 12 35 3/4"

Alloy S15 is only available in Bar. For all stock availability contact Sales.


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