Non-Corrosion Resisting Steel S134

Technical Data Sheet


Chemical Composition Limits
Weight% C Si Mn P+S max Cr Mo Ni Other
S134 0.35-0.43 0.10-0.35 0.45-0.70 P 0.025
S 0.020
3.0-3.5 0.80-1.10 0.40 max V 0.15-0.25

Typical Mechanical Properties

Grade Treatment Tensile Strength Rm , tonf/in² Proof Stress Rp 0.2, tonf/in² Elongation in 5.65 √Cross Sectional Area% Hardness HB Ruling Section
S134 Solution Annealed - - - 277 max  
S134 Hardened and Tempered 100 79 8 444 1 1/8"

Alloy S134 is available in Bar. For all stock availability contact Sales.

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